About This Project

There’s not much more exciting than the potential cure of diseases! At Resolution Research, we’re passionate about supporting all medical research projects to aid that cause.  We’ve worked with doctors, specialists, patients and caregivers with the most common to the most rare diseases, veterinarians, pharma companies, biotechs, device manufacturers, healthcare associations, distribution networks, insurance companies, research firms, from start-up companies to global giants. We have a medical panel,, which targets every type of medical professional including but not limited to dentists, oncologists, PCPs, emergency responders, lab techs, medical directors, therapists and more to engage their participation in research projects including online studies, in-depth interviews, onsite visits, device testing, naming studies, dyads, triads, and more.  We recruit the patients participation as well including clinical trials, device testing, longitudinal studies and more.  In addition, because of our understanding and devotion to this industry, we also specialize in creating and managing websites including the SEM, SEO, PPC and all the other marketing elements needed for dentists, plastic surgeons, doctors, pharma companies and others in the medical arena to best promote and communicate their offerings. See examples here.