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We need engaged and enthusiastic participants from all walks of life in the US and Canada including shoppers, business executives, medical professionals, and more. We conduct focus groups, product and device tests, taste tests, mock juries, online surveys, in-person interviews, and more!  The best part is, we compensate you for your time and participation.


To get involved, follow one of the links below. From there, you can sign up for one of our panels by providing a profile of yourself – the basics of who you are and what makes you tick. You are not going to qualify for every focus group, online survey, or taste test, so we pay you when you do. Once we have a paid research study that matches your demographics (your gender, age, location, buying habits, etc), we send you an email or text with screening questions to determine if you qualify. If you’re the right fit, the questions will either be automatically presented to you online OR we will call to schedule a time and provide you with all of the details for an online or in-person focus group, taste test, mock jury, or even a shop-along/ride-along. Once you have completed the study, we will either email you an electronic payment or mail/hand you a check or Visa cash card. It’s an easy way to make extra money – not rewards or points – just by voicing your opinions!


You’re online already. Why not make a little money at it?

Do you shop online or in-person? Are you employed, retired, unemployed, or a student? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join our panel as we need your opinions!

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If you are a Medical Professional (or hero as we call you!), we need your opinion now more than ever! Please join our paid panel now.

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