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Mock trial research provides virtual insight into how jury-eligible persons will react to your case prior to the trial or ADR in the venue desired. Counsel from your firm observes the mock jury’s deliberations and processes for reaching their decisions. Resolution Research® works with your firm to tailor the mock jury to meet your exact needs.

Benefits of a mock trial include the ability to:

  • Identify effectual and ineffectual arguments & presentations from both sides;
  • Help counsel understand how jurors are likely to reach a verdict;
  • Evaluate potential liability and damage issues;
  • Test key jury decisions based upon any element desired including evidence, exhibits & props, testimony, claims, and so forth;
  • Illuminate areas of your case needing improvement.

Resolution Research recruits individuals for mock trials from a wide variety of educational, financial and social backgrounds in order to reflect the potential juror population for your case. Potential jurors are highly screened prior to being accepted, to match your desired profile. In fact, all “jurors” are approved by your firm before final acceptance. In addition, a Resolution Research project manager is assigned to your mock trial and is on-site managing & directing jurors – including securing non-disclosure agreements, providing materials, if needed, and arranging for refreshments.

Mock trial presentation options:

  • Conducted live by your attorneys or with pre-recorded video conducted by your firm or Resolution Research;
  • Held in your facilities or hosted by Resolution Research anywhere in the nation;
  •  Observed real-time, through closed circuit TV or one-way mirror;
  • Videotaped and/or video transcripts;
  • Incentive distribution by firm of choice.

Clients tell us that mock trials provide substantial, relevant insight, which serves to greatly strengthen strategies and arguments.