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What is the right population size for your survey?
The amount of people your company should survey is based on several things: the number of people in your target audience or market; the level of statistical reliability desired; and budget. The Sample Size Calculator below will provide a good guideline for doing just that.

First, begin by determining the total or maximum number of people in your target audience market. Secondly choose how accurate you wish your data to be. A good statistical rule of thumb is to apply a confidence level of 95% with a confidence interval (more commonly referred to as margin of error) of +/-5 points. Of course, budget as well as other influences can dictate the population of people targeted for surveying.

To use the Sample Size Calculator below follow these directions:

  1. Choose desired confidence level
  2. Choose desired confidence interval (margin of error)
  3. Enter your total target population
  4. Click ‘calculate’ and the sample size will display.

Note: Confidence Level (95%) and Confidence Interval (+/-5) are defaulted to the most commonly used references.


Sample Size Calculator

Confidence Level: 95% 99%
Confidence Interval: +/-1 +/-3 +/-5
+/-8 +/-10

Sample size to survey:


This calculator provides a quick, easy reference guide to the size of audience (sample size) generally recommended for surveying.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help you determine the right population size for your research project.