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Dear Clients and Friends,
As the seasons change from summer to fall, we want to take this opportunity to update you on a few changes of our own. We’ve moved; we have new peeps, and we’ve said goodbye to some of the old; we have a new, exciting medical website and panel; we’ve spoken at and attended numerous events; and we’re growing, evolving, and loving every minute of it!With all of these changes, you may not be aware of everything we have to offer. We’ve expanded our repertoire to include several new and improved capabilities that can be provided either à la carte or turn-key, anywhere in the nation. Drum roll please!!
  • High-level B2B executive and C-level recruitment and interviewing:  IT, financial, medical, advertising, HR, more.
  • A new panel of medical professional, TheMedicalPanel.comencompassing all medical disciplines, healthcare providers, systems, hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Patients with very rare and prominent diseases, as well as the doctors who treat them: e.g., diabetes, IPF, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, schizophrenia—even toenail fungus!
  • New in-office Denver focus group facility that accommodates many group shapes and sizes and up to 50 persons simultaneously.
  • Design, recruitment, facilitation, moderation, and reporting for projects across the nation, such as ethnographies, shop-alongs, in-home product tests, taste tests, app tests, usability tests, mock juries and more with local on-the-ground moderators in Denver, Austin, Cleveland, and Chicago.
  • Latest technologies such as full service bulletin boards, mobile apps, online, SMS appointment reminders/maps and more. (Text “mobile” to 888-999 to see example of our SMS service.)
  • In-depth interviews, telephone interviews, appointment setting, online surveys, and online panel sample.
  • Highly experienced, sophisticated PhD to design the most complex of studies, as well as analyze data, provide presentations to board of directors, etc.
Like to see some reporting examples?  Click away!
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Meet a few of our peeps!

Tami Bluett, Research Associate and author of our new women’s health blog. Tami conducts high-level recruitment, in-depth interviews, secondary research, and manages other communications for Resolution Research. Her past 30+ years of experience leading the State of New York’s JOBS Program dealing with every type of person and entity imaginable has prepared her well for the job at hand.
Abby Drwecki, in case you missed the press release announcing her arrival, please see here.Abby holds a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and has extensive experience in quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic research projects. She has conducted educational, policy, and medical research for a wide range of clients at Resolution Research. In fact, she’s a proven expert at research of many types, winning second place when she competed on the game show Jeopardy.
Al Davidson, CPA, CFO. Al is our resident Excel super-hero!  In addition, as an active trader he’s recently launched The Medical Panel Motif for us, which has produced exciting results since its start.
Learn more
Now for the details:
Resolution has recently launched its new community and panel, The Medical Panel, designed for all medical professionals to participate in research, communicate and collaborate with other professionals, and soon to provide second-opinion digital diagnoses. The Medical Panel better serves our healthcare clients by engaging the top vetted medical professionals and thought leaders. Follow The Medical Panel on Twitter
Learn more about The Medical Panel
The Medical Panel Motif
Resolution’s CFO, CPA and resident stock trader extraordinaire, Al Davidson, created The Medical Panel Motif on Motif Investing earlier this year as a fun and interesting pursuit for persons interested in investing in or following the medical space. A motif is a carefully researched and balanced collection of stocks that reflect a specific idea or trend. The Medical Panel Motif is one of leading medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech companies that have recently been featured in Investor’s Business Daily’s IBD 50, IBD’s Sector Leaders, IBD Stock Spotlight and IBD’s New High List. The Medical Panel currently contains 24 companies in its motif. The Medical Panel Motif was up 7.1% for the month of August compared to the S&P’s 4.3% increase. Click here to learn how to invest in motifs.
Boom & Beyond!
Read our new Women’s Health Blog for Boomers, Boomerangers, and Beyond!Click here to read
New Denver Address:
201 Milwaukee St., Unit 200, Denver CO 80206
Resolution has moved to the heart of Cherry Creek at 2nd & Milwaukee. Resolution has gained a fabulous new focus group facility and meeting facility which can accommodate up to 50 people. With Starbucks, DazbogCherry Creek Mall (great for shop-a-longs!), Cucina Colore, and Zaidy’s Deli just a block or two away, Resolution thinks it may have finally found the location that’s best for serving its clients, employees, and research participants. We may never move back to our old office building! (Speaking of our office building, the space is available furnished or unfurnished for those who may be in the market. Here’s the skinny on our building with availability December 1st.)
Location of Santa Fe Building
To Everything There is a Season
After twelve successful years working for Resolution Research, Amanda Miller has left to pursue other opportunities. We wish her well. Dr. Abby Drwecki (pronounced duh-RICK-ee) has assumed her duties; however, most everyone at Resolution programs, manages data, and eats, drinks, and sleeps this stuff so we’ve got you covered from A-to-Z.  Questions: Please contact Nina @ 303-947-3500.
Does anybody really know what time it is!?
May 2014
We attended the outstanding New York Times Health for Tomorrow Conference in San Francisco. Elisabeth Rosenthal, of the NYT’s series “Paying Till It Hurts”, moderated the event. The agenda was enlightening and the conversations inspiring with the likes of William Haseltine, known for his groundbreaking work on HIV/AIDS and the human genome, and listed by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 25 most influential business people in 2001; Marilyn Tavenner, Centers of Medicare/Medicaid; Janet Napolitano, president Univ of CA; recent Nobel Prize-winning scientist on the future of medicine, Stanley Pursiner, M.D. (thanks for the book!); Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic; Dr. Eric Topol, Scripps Health Chief Academic Officer; and MD Anderson with IBM’s Watson team to discuss using artificial intelligence to pull together big data on cancer, and many more, including those who Modern Healthcare Magazine ranked the most influential people in healthcare. Nina referred to it as one of the most interesting and insightful conferences she’d ever attended.
Learn more about Health for Tomorrow
September 2014
Nina Nichols spoke at the June and September SoPE Colorado Chapter events sharing ideas and operations of The Medical Panel. SoPE is a global biomedical and health innovative network. Thank you,Dr. Arlen Meyers for the invitations!
Learn more about SoPE
October 2014
Research Director, Hayden Geller, embarks on a new (and “scary”) challenge. She’ll be running her very first (and she says, possibly her last) marathon in Chicago this October. Hayden started training June 2, and as of last Saturday, she’s up to 20 miles! Everyone at Resolution is so impressed that she’s gone from zero to 20 miles in a few weeks! Please join us in Chicago to cheer her on. And keep your eye on our social media to receive updates on her progress as well as input from doctors and other medical professionals on the impacts of long-distance running.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll keep you updated!
Learn more about the marathon
Have you met Nina, our CEO?
Nina Nichols is very passionate about all things medical and absolutely loves market research and business—she’s also a Squawk Box and advertising junkie. In 2011, the Denver Business Journal recognized Nina as one of their Outstanding Women in Business. And Nina, like T-Boone Pickens (as she likes to say), is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.Nina started Resolution Research in 1990, nearly 25 years ago. Her research career was launched by witnessing the telephone’s power to easily reach out and touch someone—whether it was a lead for an insurance agent or a survey with a college grad—it began with the telephone, a list, a pen and paper, and manual tallies. Today things are definitely different! Recently, Nina launched an online panel for medical professionals,, and continues to grow Resolution offerings. See her LinkedIn profile below to learn more. She invites you to connect! Connect with Nina on LinkedIn
 Connect with Nina on Twitter
Learn more about Nina
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Don’t you forget about us!
Please call us with any research need, whether large or small. We’re here for you. Need a reminder?!  Drop us a line for some complimentary swag—we’ve got t-shirts, notepads, sticky notes, lip balm, pens, totes, and more! Thanks for reading!Resolution Research
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