Breast and Prostate Cancer Study

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This $50 paid online survey, hosted by Resolution Research, takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please click link now to participate: Your participation may help aid in the cure!

As you probably know, October is designated as the month to focus on breast cancer awareness. Everywhere you look you see the color pink as a reminder. However, you may not know that this year, 2014, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation designating September as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Clearly, the media and others take up the call of awareness with commercials, donation requests, and ads; most are heart wrenching, some are hopeful and encouraging. Of course, the goal is to raise awareness to all, especially to women in October to get an annual mammogram and now for men in September to have a prostate exam. Early detection is crucial for treating and managing both diseases. The only way to do that is to get checked and make sure your loved ones do as well!

It is disheartening to say that almost everyone knows someone who has battled and suffered with these horrible diseases and their many forms. The statistics show that 300,000 new breast cancer cases will be diagnosed this year and more than 230,000 diagnoses of prostate cancer during the same period. As if fighting breast cancer or prostate cancer weren’t difficult enough, these cancers can also spread or metastasize to other places in the body — in fact, in more than 2 out of 3 cases, the bone is the first distant site of cancer spread, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS, Bone metastases, or the shortened version “bone mets,” is one of the most frequent causes of pain in people with cancer. In advanced cases of breast or prostate cancer, 70% of patients have bone mets with three out of four bone met cases resulting from tumors found in the breast, prostate, lung or kidney. Presently, an estimated 155,000 Americans currently live with metastatic breast cancer.

If you’re already living with breast cancer or prostate cancer, please participate in our study and put $50 in your pocket. If you know someone who’s living with either of these cancers, please take a moment and share this link ( with him or her. Please join us as we work to conduct research on this most challenging and difficult disease. Let’s do what we can to help fight cancer!

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