Hunting in Style in the USA with Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Rifle Scopes

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Are you a big hunter?

If yes, we’d like to know the kinds of equipment you use (e.g., scopes, etc) to make your hunt successful.  We’ll pay you $250 if qualified:

Hunting, while not a uniquely American pursuit, holds a special place in the hearts of outdoor sportsmen and -women living in all areas of the country.  From the coastal waterfowl of New England to the abundant deer of the Texas Hill Country, to the wide-open spaces and diverse species that inhabit the Great Salt Lake, there are as many kinds of hunters as there are environments and climates in which to hunt. Some hunters enjoy the physical and mental challenge of a multi-day wilderness hunt or especially rare or speedy prey. Others take hunting as a form of luxury travel, investing money in exclusive, high-quality guided hunts in exotic locations. Still others are more casual, hunting when they have the time and convenience, enjoying the satisfaction of a freezer full of meat as much as anything else.


Miss Kennedi Watkins. Her first buck. It was 8 points.

Three of the best regions for hunting in the US, as different as they are superb, lie just outside major metropolitan centers, making them accessible to tourists as they are to the lucky folks who live nearby in Boston, Austin, and Salt Lake City.

New England, near Boston: The game preserves of New England offer old-world style hunting with a special focus on fox and pheasant hunting, utilizing specially bred hunting dogs as the hunter’s most important piece of gear. The hunting preserves near Boston’s major airport lie across the New England States, including Peaceable Hill, the Ladywoods Game Preserve, and the Green Mountain Shooting Preserve, (in nearby Vermont) provide a glimpse of the tradition and challenge of European-style hunting with an American Colonial flair.

Roger Oakley. 13 point buck.

Roger Oakley. 13 point buck.

Utah, near Salt Lake City & Park City: The Great Salt Lake is a great destination for hunters looking for the most diverse and plentiful specimens of waterfowl. For those who are not interested in shooting, the area also provides excellent opportunities for birdwatching. Numerous species of ducks, geese and swans flock to this oasis all year round. Groups such as the Friends of the Great Salt Lake and the Alta Club are places where avid hunters can gather. These groups also stress environmental conservation, in order to keep the hunting and the natural beauty of this area pristine.

Texas, near Austin: The hunting areas near Austin, Texas draw hunters from all over the country and all over the world. The Texas Department of Wildlife is a great source to find public hunting areas, but there is also an abundance of private and exclusive hunting clubs in the area such as Joshua Creek Ranch and Solana Ranch. The beautiful Texas Hill Country just south of Austin provides some of the nation’s best hunting for pheasants, deer and wild turkey, as well as more exotic species. Numerous hunting clubs and meetup groups in the area provide a great way for novice hunters to meet like-minded sportsmen and women, and to get tips from the experts.


Jason Watkins. 13 point buck.


Harvested by Michael Denney. 8pt buck .

All of these locations, among many others, attract hunters who are looking for a challenging and exhilarating hunting experience. Hunters who frequent these areas are often those who stay on top of the latest hunting technologies oftentimes using expensive equipment such as spotting scopes, rifle scopes, eye pieces, photo equipment, and binoculars, as well as handheld GPS systems and night-vision equipment. All of the technologies currently available make the sport accessible to sportsmen and sportswomen who are not experienced or expert hunters. Hunting in the United States is far from going out of style. On the contrary, it is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. People from both rural and urban areas are discovering it as a way to enjoy nature, exercise, challenge themselves and perhaps bring home a trophy.


Resolution Research has conducted market research with the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, completing a yearly survey of hunters of big and small game as well as private hunting ranches. We have focused on harvest for a number of species such as the snow goose and the sharp-tailed grouse. Currently, we are conducting a study for hunters and birders in the Boston, Salt Lake City, and Austin areas and we need your paid input. If you’re interested in sharing the kind of equipment used (like scopes, binoculars, etc) to make your hunt more successful be paid to do so — $250 if you’re qualified – please click HERE or paste this into your browser:

Hunting Resources Follow Below:

Find hunting partners and clubs across the US: Visit or search the North American Hunter publication for hunting locations and groups. Club activities range from casual rifle and bow hunting, to day trips, to luxury multi-day all-inclusive safaris.

A few examples of hunting preserves and clubs by state follow:                  

                  Massachusetts/New England:



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