Resolution Research & 5280 Magazine Go In-Depth on Immigration

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Immigration and immigration reform have been hot-button issues in our political landscape over the last few years.  Some are clamoring for a complete upheaval of the current system, others favor a more sensitive approach to revamping the system, and still others are content with maintaining the status quo.  The issue is complex and rife with personal implications.  With such a wide disparity in opinions, 5280, Denver’s premier magazine, once again paired up with Resolution Research to conduct a study of metro Denver residents in the hopes of arriving at some sort of consensus, at least amongst Coloradans.

As part of their comprehensive look at immigration, 5280 used the results from Resolution’s survey of approximately 400 Denver residents to quantify some of the prevailing sentiments about the subject.  You can read the specifics and find out more about how the results might impact the Denver Metro community in the 5280 Special Report “Immigration: The Search for Clarity” in the April 2013 issue.

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