TEXT MOBILE TO 888999: Mobile and The Market Research World

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By Nina Nichols

netflix phone survey.pngIn 2013, mobile devices outsold laptops and desktops for the first time. In fact, in many countries consumers spend more time on their mobile device than any other, which has interesting implications for how market research can and should be conducted in today’s world.

Knowing how to reach your market is the first step to gaining insight and knowledge about what they are looking for in a product or service. New research has shown that people are 33% more alert when they are in an out-of-home environment. According to one study*, people are 28% more likely to take action with an outside ad compared to ads in any other media and that “outdoor ads drove considerably more mobile search as well.”

What does this mean for market research and advertising?

The increased use of mobile means that now, more than ever, consumers can be reached when they are at their most alert and responsive. Companies who know how to tap into this will be able to gain insight that would be difficult or impossible to gain otherwise, and connect to users when they are most open to offers and ads. Resolution Research® has developed mobile strategies that easily and conveniently connect with mobile users using an SMS or app campaign.

Resolution SMS Text Capabilities

Texting is the simplest form of connecting with mobile users. Texts are generally treated with the most urgency, and businesses can use this unique opportunity to capture their audience’s attention, engage them quickly, and capitalize on the personal communication.

Texting capabilities include the ability to provide exclusive offers, ask customers to take surveys, utilize geotargeting and geofencing, setup and send appointment reminds, allow customers to track shipments, and more. For a full outline of our mobile services, send us an email!

  • Want to try it out? Text the word mobile to 888999 for a demo!

  • Are you a medical professional?  Text the word medical to 888999 to receive an invitation to participate in paid medical market research studies from TheMedicalPanel

  • Are you a consumer? Text 2345 to 888999 for invite to

Resolution Mobile Web App Capabilities

Mobile apps are slightly less immediate than SMS, but can provide more in-depth info and present a more branded appearance. Some benefits of a mobile app include an in-aisle or in-restaurant or in-office real-time shopping experiences supplemented by uploading pics, videos, and ratings; mobile storefronts; advanced functionality such as swipe events; the ability to provide customers with content based on their profiles and more. For a full outline of our app services, send us an email!

Note: A team from Resolution Research attended North America’s leading market research conference in Chicago — Market Research in a a Mobile World.  We know that “Mobile is Important!” and we strive to make sure all our clients have the best tools available to optimize customer engagement for research.

*Reported by OnDevice Research, April 2014

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