Learning something new every day… Peyronie’s Disease

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Every day I learn something new, especially being in the market research industry. I’d never heard of Restless Leg Syndrome, for example, before we conducted a huge study about it several years ago — soon after, I saw ads about Restless Leg all over the TV. And so it goes, to borrow from Linda Ellerbee, a female journalist I’ve followed & admired. And this week, I’ve learned about Peyronie’s Disease, another disease I’d never heard about and one that is no laughing matter and an extremely sensitive subject especially for men. Peyronie’s is a disease that causes a curvature of the penis that makes intercourse difficult — it can also be quite painful as well as embarrassing for men. Wikipedia , surprisingly or not, even has a picture with its description. And, once I started looking online, I almost immediately found a great article in the NY Times by Andrew Pollack (an outstanding writer who focuses on the business & science of biotech) published just this month. Fortunately for me, the business I’m in comes with a free education and I like it that I learn new things — and I like it even more that I feel like I’m in some small way getting to contribute to the advancement of science, medicine, and even products and services by conducting market research. If you have Peyonie’s or know someone who does, please click on the following link (or send it to a friend) to be screened for our Peyronie’s research study: (Qualified participants are paid $150.) If you like learning like me, I invite you to join our market research panel where you can participate in studies that are relevant to your life: You may not know that you’re paid to participate in these studies because your opinion is valuable to all the companies out there trying to improve their products, services, and offerings. Cheers– and here’s to learning about the next big thing!

Nina Nichols, CEO

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